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The Akademi Library:

The Akademi has a good reference library of rare books on different subjects in Malayalam numbering over 100,000. It also contains important books in English, Russian, Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarathi and Marathi languages. The Akademi library also contains valuable acquisitions from Rama Varma Research Institute Library, Malayalam Language Improvement Committee Library, Kalyani Krishna Menon collections, K. Sukumaran Library, Vilasini Collections, etc. 

                    A view of the Library Hall 

The Calicut University, Mahatma Gandhi University, Sree Sankaracharya Sanskrit University etc. have approved the Akademi Library as their Research Centers. This is a haven for scholars and literary students intend on research, and in fact about 60,000 people use the Library’s collection of over 85,000 titles every year. The library receives about 260 periodicals regularly. About 50 scholars can sit in the quiet and well ventilated reading room.

The Library has developed a software in Malayalam, that will list all books in the library collection alphabetically in Malayalam upto the nth position, a feast not achieved anywhere else in Kerala. The software is now being incorporated into the Akademi infrastructure.
The Library has already brought out a Grandhasuchi (Index of titles), with the help of the eminent Library Scientist Mr. K.M.Govi. After introduction of the Malayalam Library Software, a more accurate and updated Grandhasuchi is planned.

During the visit of the Hon. Cultural Minister, 
Mr. G. Karthikeyan to the Library. Next to him is 
Dr. K. K. Rahulan (Exe. Committee Member), 
K. Rajendran (Librarian), Mr. Yusafali Kecheri (President) and Dr. P.V. Krishnan Nair (Secretary).


The Akademi Multimedia Section:

Early in 1999 Kerala Sahitya Akademi has embarked on a mission to computerise the Akademi’s various sections in a phased manner. The Akademi now has four multimedia computer systems, equipped for the following:

Scanning photos and other graphics for type setting and graphic artwork, and for scanning rare manuscripts and thaliyola grandhams (ancient books written on palm leaves with an iron scribe) and handwriting of eminent writers in Kerala, with a view to preserving them for posterity. The system is equipped with CD writer, for recording and storing these manuscripts and other scanned materials.

Typesetting Akademi publications. The Akademi periodicals are designed and typeset within the Akademi Multimedia facilities. The prestigious book ‘Nammude Sahityam, Nammude Samooham’ was typeset by using Akademi Computer facilities. Three volumes of this book have come out.

The Internet Connection in the Library is open to research scholars for web surfing and for downloading books not available in India. They can take printout of these books or part thereof on a deskjet printer.

The Hon. Minister Mr. G. Karthikeyan 
watching a demonstration of the Interactive CD. Sitting next are Mr. Yusufali Kecheri, 
President of the Akademi,
Dr. K.K. Rahulan, Exec.Member, and
 Dr. P.V. Krishnan Nair, Secretary.

As a Publisher:

Presently the Akademi has published distinguished works from Malayalam, English and Hindi languages. It includes the translations of classics from India and abroad. One of the most ambitious scheme taken up by the Akademi is the publication of two large volumes of Comparative Indian Literature both in English and Malayalam and this monumental works have earned great acclamation from scholars and readers. The bibliographies and monthly indices of publications have been prepared by the Akademi. Seven volumes of the bibliographies which include descriptions of books published upto 1995 have already been published. Another major publication is the Malayalam-Portuguese Dictionary prepared by Arnos Pathiry. Publication of the book ‘Our Literature, Our Society’ in four volumes is a prestigious contribution of the Akademi to usher the new millennium.

Book Shop:

The Akademi has a rich book centre in which all the books published by the Akademi along with the books published by the co-institutions are available for sale. Click here for the list of books published by the Akademi and available for sale. For commission rates and scheme for purchase of books on instalment scheme available for Kerala Govt. employees and teachers, please Click here.

Periodicals Published by the Akademi:

Malayalam Literary Survey - An English Quarterly. Rs.  92 (Annual Subscription) 
Sahithya Lokam - Malayalam Bimonthly Rs.152 (Annual Subscription)
Sahitya Chakravalam - a monthly in Malayalam Rs.  36 (Annual Subscription)
Subscription for all three periodicals Rs.250 (Annual Subscription)

Literary Survey is intended to introduce Malayalam language, literature and culture to outsiders including foreigners. Sahitya Lokam is meant for the serious study and development of Malayalam language and literature. Sahithya Chakravalam contains a good deal of information on literary events mainly contemporary in nature, both inside and outside the country.

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